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Sometimes seeing the big picture is difficult when you're knee-deep in daily operations. From identifying ideal media partners to help grow your brand identity, to writing engaging press releases, Knight Light Creative works with top magazines, newspapers, bloggers and podcasts to promote brands on multiple platforms.


Creative marketing solutions do not have to come with a steep price tag to be effective. Our talents stem from providing both short and long-term creative direction with effective marketing strategies that can be easily expanded and extended by your staff.

Let us light your path.


The social media management team has vast experience working with hundreds of online influencers and content creators. The key is not to focus on quantity of followers, but quality of engagement. Let us craft a thoughtful but impactful strategy that develops long-term relationships with key influencers focused on your target audience.


Knight Light works with respected writers to provide quality, custom content for our customers.  You provide the topics and we'll do the research and the writing. Engage with your target audience through interesting blog posts and informative newsletters.

All topics welcome. Bilingual services available.


We'll help you develop your business voice, then launch it into the digital world. We not only provide the custom content, we also help you evaluate the tools that will provide the best ROI for your long-term messaging needs.


Setting up Social Media portfolios with proper branding is one of our favorite projects. We work by the project or manage your portfolios on retainer.

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."
  - Thomas A. Edison

Thank you for contacting the Knight Light Creative Marketing team. We will get back to you shortly.

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