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  • Patricia Guerrero-Knight

Dress To Impress - Even Alpacas

All of my clients are so different, yet I generally dress about the same to meet with each one. Occasionally, I'll throw on a little lipstick if it's a late meeting, just to polish up a bit.

Today, however, instead of my favorite red lipstick, I pulled out all of the stops - in the form of my red "chicken boots".

A gift from my niece, they were purchased at Grayco (a locally owned hardware store) in Beaufort, South Carolina, and they've been getting a lot of use lately every time I visit my newest clients - and friends - at Four Arches Farm in Pembroke, GA.

Opening soon to artists, woodworking students, fiber enthusiasts, and families or individuals intrigued by Pat and Steve Cook's unique menagerie of farm animals, Four Arches Farm is where I get to wear my favorite pair of worn-in jeans, a comfy T-shirt, and those awesome red chicken boots! The Cook's engaging alpacas, two lovable hound mixes (perfectly named Mischief and Mayhem), chickens and a group of incredibly curious and photogenic farm cats, prefer that I get down and dirty helping at meal times and hanging out in the barn than wearing a suit and heels. Being able to interact with their animals - their living product - enables me to better capture the voice they look for in digital marketing.

We're just barely getting started, and there is a lot of work to do. Having had these hands-on experiences helped me walk Pat through concepts for her new website, and direction for the farm's social media portfolio. I dressed to engage with the animals, so I can work on impressing the Cooks with my design work.

Stay connected to see a future post on the redesigned Four Arches Farm website, coming soon.

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