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  • Patricia Guerrero-Knight

No News is Good News

2018 has been an incredible year.

Knight Light Creative Marketing's first year, passed seemingly unnoticed last week due to the multiple deadlines being met by this incredibly collaborative team I have been blessed to form.

For our clients I have overseen excellent PR wins, branding overhauls, reached social media milestones and weathered challenging budgets and deadlines with grace, humor and that scrappy drive that initially led me to create Knight Light in the first place.

Today I'm noting the 10 months that have come and gone without a blog post. As a small business with limited resources and time, I pour every extra moment into my clients' blogs and social media. I do post on occasion for Knight Light on Facebook and Instagram, more often sharing a Harvard Business Review article or an inspiring marketing blog I feel might be of interest to other small businesses. But keeping up with my writing has not been a priority - as a strategic investment in my business.

I was excited to read a recent article by Bragg Media listing Marketing Trends to Budget for in 2019, because Knight Light has developed an entire brand in the last 11 months for a major client by doing almost everything the article lists for 2019 - but we did it in 2018! Still, it's GREAT advice. Particularly the part about investing in the micro-influencer. I loved the article so much I used their images to update my homepage - and will link to their post for the next year as a reminder to anyone looking for great small and 'smedium' business marketing advice.

Plus they focused on a yellow visual, and you know how I feel about that!

They say business isn't personal, but I don't agree. My business would not exist without the networking, friendship and support of my tribe both here in my slice of paradise off the coast of Georgia, to my childhood home in California. So I would like to first say thank you to the many friends and family for your amazing and continued support of my hustle.

Just know that I'm putting all of those good vibes to good use, and with Knight Light as in life, no news is good news.

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